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Search Instructions  
To Use LandShark Searches:

1) Click on the SEARCH Tab, then select a SUB-TAB from those displayed.

2) Enter the requested search criteria, then click on SEARCH.

3) If a list of documents is displayed select the document(s) you wish to see.
     a. Click on the document number to display indexing information about a  single document. 
     b. Click several check boxes then click on DISPLAY at the bottom, to see the indexing    information for several documents.  Click on NEXT and PREV to roll through the documents.

4) When the Document Detail Information is displayed, click on highlighted buttons -
     IMAGE displays the scanned document (fees may apply)
     LEGALS - displays legal information entered with this document
     GRANTORS/EES - displays multiple Grantors or Grantees entered with this document
     COMMENTS - Displays comments entered with this document
     PREV REF - Displays documents related to this document.

5) Select a new search from the Sub-Tabs. Or click on the RESULTS sub-tab to display last search list or click on the  DETAILS Sub-Tab to see the last displayed Document Detail Information.

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LandShark is now available for Brown County Land Records search. Contact the Brown County Recorder’s Office for additional information.   Phone: 507.233.6653



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